Sunday, January 21, 2018


On Sunday, Sheila and I climbed the highest peak in the California wine country to give blot to Wotan! Total distance was 9.6 miles, with a 2,000 feet altitude gain.

We got a late start, so we pushed hard in hopes of completing the route before dark. We didn't even come close to making it, however, reaching the summit a few minutes before sundown. No problem, really, as we had a flashlight with us. In any case, we walked the last hour or so along the fire road in the dark, relying on ambient light reflected from the clouds almost all the time. It's amazing how much you can see most nights without additional light (But take a flashlight anyway, folks!).

Sheila was having problems with her feet, but she didn't give up. I was really proud of her tenacity and will for pushing through the pain! She stood beside me as we took turns hoisting the horn in praise of Wotan, for the Awakening of all European-descended people wherever they live, anywhere on Earth!

The view was utterly worth the climb. We could see Calistoga and other towns laid out below us, and mountain ranges and valleys spread before us toward the unseen sea. You can also see a lot of burned area from the fire a couple of months ago. Seriously, it was an amazing sight, and it reminded us how beautiful northern California is...and how much it needs to be rescued from the grasp of illegal aliens, Silicon Valley faux-aristocrats, and lunatic politicians in Sacramento.

'Bout time for Bear Flag Revolt #2, but hey, that's just my opinion.

"The existence of our people is not negotiable."
Stephen McNallen

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Our "Wotan on the Peaks" project is all about climbing mountains and doing ritual to Wotan. This feat is then publicized through Wotan Network, making it simultaneously religious, spiritual, and metapolitical!

"Wotan on the Peaks" started off with two friends and me climbing Sierra Buttes in northern California. It was fun, challenging, and beneficial to our cause - and now YOU can get in on the action, too! It's not only unfair for me to hog all the action, it's also not very practical. Out here in California, we've had problems with everything from permits to weather...and for the last two weeks, this whole part of the state (to include our target peaks) has been blanketed in smoke from massive fires.

So - this is the perfect time to expand the project and open it up to all our activists! To see how we do it, take a look at our blog which describes the Sierra Buttes climb . There are several other posts in the "Wotan on the Peaks" category to give you more background on the project.

For those of you who have no mountaineering skills...well, I don't, either! There are plenty of Category 1 climbs, which are basically walk-ups. You don't have to hang from sheer cliffs, hire a Sherpa, wrestle a yeti or anything like that...Well, maybe Bigfoot, out here in the West!

There are several procedural elements that we care a lot about, so if you and your buddies want to give this a try, send me a message and let's discuss it. Let's make it happen!

Wotan Mit Uns!
Stephen McNallen


The purpose of the Wotan Network is to invoke Wotan's wisdom and fury for the survival and advancement of our people, worldwide. For those familiar with the work of Dr. Carl Jung, think of it as "the expression of the Wotan archetype in the Germanic collective unconscious."

Here's how you can play a role in this historical, world-changing undertaking! -

1. Share the link to this blog to all your friends!

2. Share our memes! YOU can be an essential node in our network. Here's how it works: We generate memes which are posted from time to time on the Wotan Network Update group on Facebook. By sharing those memes, you become an active node in our Internet Networked Insurgency (I.N.I.). The people to whom you spread them also become nodes in the network when they share them with THEIR friends - and the network expands. We want to reach as many people as possible!

3. If you have the skills and credentials, you may qualify to help create memes for us. Creativity, marketing savvy, the ability to cooperate constructively with others, and a sense of humor are essential elements. Contact us for details.

4. Participate in the Odin World Prayer Day! Sign up on their Facebook page. Tell others. Follow through by honoring Odin (Wotan, or Woden) ritually on the first Wednesday of every month.

5. Climb mountains as part of the "Wotan on the Peaks" program! See write-ups on this blog to see how it's done.

6. Where appropriate, spread the #WOTANNETWORK hashtag.

7. Tell others about my videos on my You Tube channel relevant to Wotan Network.

8. Order a "Wotan Mit Uns!" tee shirt. You can find it on the Wotan Network blog store.


Wotan Mit Uns! Stephen McNallen

Three Aims of the Wotan Network: Awakening, Self-Determination, and Permanence


When asked what the Wotan Network is trying to accomplish, we often say something like "We want Wotan to fill us with his might and wisdom, so that our people may survive and thrive." Or if we are of a psychological bent, we might say "We want to activate the Wotan archetype in the collective unconscious of the Germanic peoples." Those answers are both true as far as they go - but what do they mean in the real world? What will the result look like? How will it impact us?

My answer to these questions fall under three major headings: Awakening, Self-determination, and Permanence. This document is a first analysis, which will expand over time. It is a starting point, not a final product. It is an approximation of "what" we will accomplish, with the "how" to be determined as things develop.

1. AWAKENING means educating enough of our people - white people, European-descended people, whatever you want to call us - to make fundamental change. We don't have to "red pill" each and every white person; some of our own race are hopelessly indoctrinated and will fight us to the bitter end. But we DO need the active support - or, lacking that, at least the neutrality - of enough of our people to allow us to carry the day.

Once we are Awakened, we can HEAL ourselves and LOVE ourselves. We will understand that we are bound by blood and history to all our folk, regardless of where on Earth they live. We will identify with our past, and with our future. When we have made these inner, spiritual changes we then can make exterior, socio-political changes. White identity will become as respectable as all other forms of racial identity. "White guilt" will evaporate. We will throw Islam out of Europe forever. We will reject the ongoing genocide of white people, and populate OUR homelands with OUR descendants. All this leads us to the second major aim of the Wotan Network, namely...Self-determination!

2. SELF-DETERMINATION is the logical result of Awakening. The more power we acquire, the more control we will have over our fate. No other group or outside force will be able to dominate us. We, and we alone, will determine what we do and how we will do it. This does not mean hostility toward other groups unless they try to put limits on us. On the contrary, we will gladly cooperate with them when it is favorable to our interests, but we will never be physically or psychologically coerced into doing so.

3. PERMANENCE means ensuring our existence down through the centuries and the millennia. This requires specific mental and spiritual qualities - idealism, commitment, and a sense of trans-generational identity strong enough to brave the ages. We will also need more tangible assets, the most important being territory that is irrefutably under our control. Our historical homelands are rightfully OURS and we must assert our hegemony in those nations. If that sounds outrageous, consider that most of Africa is made up of what are effectively black ethnostates, and that Japan and China are Asian ethnostates. Israel is a Jewish ethnostate. It is illogical, inconsistent, and unjust to demand that historically white nations cannot also be ethnostates.

In time, we will need to expand off our Mother Earth into the cosmos to ensure our Permanence. We would eventually do this, anyway, because we are incurable explorers. I would go farther and say that we are, indeed, "the spacefaring race." But the principle of Permanence is enough by itself to demand that we expand into to cosmos, because of our imperative to guard against extinction from a collapsing environment, nuclear annihilation, a major asteroid strike, or other threats on a global level.

Now let's talk about another huge concept - Destiny. We don't talk much about Destiny, anymore - but we should! The broad aims of Awakening, Self-determination, and Permanence all lead to this noble ideal. We shy away from talking about Destiny because it is just too big - and people will think we're presumptuous, or too ambitious, or just crazy. It is, like, a 19th Century concept (Okay, a "first half of the Twentieth Century" concept). It is all too easy for us to get so involved with issues like affirmative action or anti-white television commercials that we neglect the bigger picture. Who can think about Destiny when we have to fight Antifa? Certainly, these smaller concerns do matter, but they matter mostly because they affect our grand Destiny. Yes, we must deal with the thousand problems of our that, from the perspective of Destiny, we can forge a future lasting ten thousand years!

What about the other peoples of the Earth? What of our relations with them?

Only they can say what their Destiny is - but whatever it may be, it is not our Destiny. I would offer them this: We will make no territorial demands outside of the lands which traditionally have been ours. We will not commit aggression against them. We will not invade them or overthrow their governments to steal their resources, for this practice has been the death of our young men and women, and has enriched only the bankers while devastating the Earth. We will pay them fair price for their resources. We will cooperate with them on essential matters that affect us all and treat them fairly, because that is the honorable thing to do, and honor matters. This is where the "wisdom aspect" of Wotan comes into play, and we neglect it at our peril (in terms of long-range success, and our adherence to our highest selves).

Where all this will take us, neither you nor I can say. My own vision of it is this: Centuries from now, my descendants will gaze up at a starry sky, point to twinkling points of light in the vastness of space, and tell their children, "We are there...and there...and there. Look up at Orion's belt and the Great Bear, or at the swath of stars that is the Milky Way, and know that men and women of our race are looking back at you."

Can you commit to a Destiny like this? I can! And I invite you to work, to suffer, to battle alongside me, and ultimately to win, that we and those who follow us may attain it.

Wotan Mit Uns!
Stephen McNallen

Friday, September 22, 2017


Our "Wotan on the Peaks" project was inspired by the book Meditations on the Peaks, by Julius Evola. In this collection of essays, the Italian philosopher and mountaineer writes on the spiritual implications of mountain climbing. He describes the long tradition of deities living on the heights (the Greek gods on Olympus, for example, or Shiva atop Mouint Kailash), and considers the physical and moral traits required of those who scale the peaks.

Evola's thoughts on these subjects are entirely consistent with our climbing mountains - sometimes quite modest ones, at other times very challenging ones - where we give blot to Wotan. (A "blot" is any ritual exchange of gifts between the Germanic Gods and their followers; typically, the deity may be offered a drinking horn of mead or some other intoxicating liquid as an outer sign of more intangible gifts.)

In this rite we ask him to awaken the Germanic and European peoples from their slumber, and to fill them with the strength and wisdom they need to defend themselves from the threats they face.

Meditations on the Peaks can be ordered from Amazon.

Wotan Mit Uns!
Stephen McNallen

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


One of our brothers, whom we simply call "Deep Thinker," wrote this and recited it when we did blot to Wotan atop Sierra Buttes.

Up you men and grab your arms, a new day has come
Sowilo light of inspiration, and Ond's breath stir the warrior spirit.
The battle looms near, ascend we must, there is an obstacle that Wyrd has placed in our path.
Labored of breath and blood pumping by hearts true, we push on against gravity
Nauthiz manifest to test our will and strength of purpose
Until our dream is manifest into the physical world we strive always upward.
At last we stand on the precipice between Earth and Sky -
Oh, that we could soar filled with Odrerir!
Our vision carries us over this horizon and the next -
Jorth's grandeur laid bare before our gaze - Ears strain to hear the Valkerie's song
Eyes peering into the great beyond.
Can we see Valhalla from here? Will our deeds this day be known?
Hail the Gods!
Hail the Ancestors!
Hail our Holy Folk!


On the ninth day of every month, a lot of people across the globe give blot to Odin. They may be alone or with friends, and the blot can be formal or informal, long or short.

They are people who've signed up for Odin World Prayer Day, a project started by my friend Anders Nilsson, who lives in Sweden. The idea is to bring the might of Odin into your life, and into the life of our Folk for our awakening and empowerment. As Anders pointed out to me today, this meshes exactly with the Wotan Network's activity!

If you're reading this but are NOT a member of Wotan Network...I urge you to do BOTH!

I have accepted his invitation to add the might of the Wotan Network to his endeavor, making it a joint effort. I will certainly do my part, and I strongly urge you to do so, as well.

How? It's simple: Click here: Odin World Prayer Day. Send Anders a message so he can add you...and then honor Odin/Wotan/Woden on the ninth day of every month!
Wotan Mit Uns!
Stephen McNallen