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The Wotan Network is a group of men and women working to invoke the might of the Germanic god Wotan for the Awakening of the European-descended peoples. This Awakening is utterly necessary for our survival, our dignity, and the high Destiny that is ours...if only we will grasp it!

For those who scoff at the idea of a Germanic deity affecting the modern world, we invite you to think of Wotan as what Dr. Carl Jung, the father of modern analytical psychology, called the "Wotan archetype" - a symbol in the "collective unconscious" of the Germanic people. Dr. Jung's seminal essay on this subject can be found elsewhere on this site. That said, the creators of the Wotan Network are sincere and devout practitioners of the pre-Christian religion variously known as Asatru, Odinism, or Wotanism. How you choose to think of Wotan is up to you.

We at the Wotan Network do not expect Wotan to pull some miracle out of his hat to save us from our laziness, weakness and Weimar republic-style degeneracy. Why should he cater to our faults? What we ask instead is that he breathe his furious fire of holy inspiration into us, reminding us of what it means to be strong, honorable, and dutiful so that we will rise up, iron in our backbones, and defend ourselves from those peoples and forces that would push us toward extinction. Wotan does not give free handouts, but he reminds us that we are his sons and daughters!

How is the Wotan Network organized? A quick answer is, "minimally." It is a network, not a corporation. It is made up of nodes (people) who work together to conduct psychological and spiritual warfare, to aid various projects, and to influence events as needed to carry out our mission. It is flexible, with minimum hierarchy, an "open source insurgency," a fog rather than a rock - but a fog which can solidify into a rock when necessary, before dissolving back into the fog. It is everywhere and nowhere; do not be misled by the existence of an email address or a website.

The Wotan Network began by creating and disseminating memes - but always within the parameters of a specific plan. It has since expanded into ritual acts having spiritual, psychological, metapolitical, and political aspects. One such activity is "Wotan on the Peaks" - where Wotan Network creators and activists climb mountains and perform rites to Wotan atop them, then share the experience on social media. This is quickly morphing into a more participatory phase, with members in the network acting on their own and sharing the results with thousands of others.

We seek to change the spiritual, psychological, and cultural patterns that have kept Eurofolk defenseless. This in turn will remake the political landscape - and change the course of our history.

We will Awaken Wotan, in all his fury...but we will balance that fury with wisdom, and perhaps paradoxically, love...and service to the principle of expanding Life in the Cosmos.

"Wotan Mit Uns!" is our battle cry.

"The existence of our people is not negotiable" is our imperative.

The "wolfsangel," a sign of the revolt of the Germanic Folk against oppression since the peasant revolt in the 15th century, is our mark.

Contact Information:

Our email address is wolfagemedia - at - gmail - dot - com . Obviously, put it in proper email format. It has been written in improper format on this blog to prevent robots spamming.

We're also on Facebook at Wotan Network and Wotan Education Center.


  1. Is there a specific rite/ritual you are using for 9th Day?

  2. I produce custom machined products that are engraved with "Wotan Mit Uns" Odin Mit Uns, Gott Mit Uns, etc. You may consider offering these items on this blog...

  3. Greetings, I went on Amazon to buy the Asatru book written by Stephan McNallen only to find the price at $384!! Please tell me this is a mistake. Where can I purchase it at the correct price?


  4. Really into the Asatru religion however the thing that is holding me back is the after life thing. I dont sign onto the Valhalla / hel thing but belive all souls good or bad go into one big basket so to say. Learn a lesson and are then reincarnated until we become higher souls. any thoughts anyone! Steve! can you help.

  5. Hi there. I appreciate your work. I was wondering if there was a way to directly donate to the white children/Families in need. I would love to help.

  6. I hope we can network through products, goods, and services as well.

  7. I participated in my first Ostara blot & the next day Odin blot
    it is powerful. I am all in. WOTAN MIT UNS!
    Hail Odin
    Hail Our Ancestors
    Hail The Afa
    Hail Stephen McNallen
    Thanks for writing ASATRU A Native European Spirituality