Tuesday, August 8, 2017



It is a whisper in the wind...a prayer we sigh under our breaths...an invocation we shout at the top of our lungs...the beat of our hearts...a storm building in the distance.

The words "Gott mit uns," or "God with us" were used in German heraldry from 1701, and by the German military from 1871. In the First World War, the phrase appeared on German helmets. It was on the belt buckles of the Wehrmacht in the Second World War, after which it was discontinued.

But the pagan soul of Germany has never gone away, and Wotan remains the God of Germania. Wotan rode off into the forest, but he has never left our hearts, our deepest emotions, our highest ideals. Wotan IS with Germany - he is Germany's soul. The more he is repressed, and the more Germany slips into degeneracy and despair, the lounder he will call. He WILL bring his storm-wind again. Not just to the modern state we call Germany, but to the Angles and Saxons and the Norsemen, and to all their kin in diaspora around the world. And alongside him will be Lugh of the Celts, and the Holy Ones of all the other European folk.

Europe stirs, from Iceland and North Cape to Gibralter and the Urals - and we must help.

And most of all, we must seek to guide the "furor Teutonicus" aright! Wotan/Woden/Odin is also the God of wisdom - Let us be wise!

So, grow our souls...grow our might...increase our wit and wile to ward our will...

Wotan, your children call you!


Stephen McNallen


  1. Outstanding,Steve! Wotan mit uns!

  2. From Magellan Land... Wotan Mit Uns!!!
    (¡¡¡Lengre Liv Trädensbröder Clan!!!
    ¡Skål! - Sudri Vikings)