Sunday, January 21, 2018


On Sunday, Sheila and I climbed the highest peak in the California wine country to give blot to Wotan! Total distance was 9.6 miles, with a 2,000 feet altitude gain.

We got a late start, so we pushed hard in hopes of completing the route before dark. We didn't even come close to making it, however, reaching the summit a few minutes before sundown. No problem, really, as we had a flashlight with us. In any case, we walked the last hour or so along the fire road in the dark, relying on ambient light reflected from the clouds almost all the time. It's amazing how much you can see most nights without additional light (But take a flashlight anyway, folks!).

Sheila was having problems with her feet, but she didn't give up. I was really proud of her tenacity and will for pushing through the pain! She stood beside me as we took turns hoisting the horn in praise of Wotan, for the Awakening of all European-descended people wherever they live, anywhere on Earth!

The view was utterly worth the climb. We could see Calistoga and other towns laid out below us, and mountain ranges and valleys spread before us toward the unseen sea. You can also see a lot of burned area from the fire a couple of months ago. Seriously, it was an amazing sight, and it reminded us how beautiful northern California is...and how much it needs to be rescued from the grasp of illegal aliens, Silicon Valley faux-aristocrats, and lunatic politicians in Sacramento.

'Bout time for Bear Flag Revolt #2, but hey, that's just my opinion.

"The existence of our people is not negotiable."
Stephen McNallen


  1. Hello Mr. McNallen,

    I was just wondering how you are doing. I noticed that you haven't posted a video on YouTube in 6 months.

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