Sunday, October 29, 2017


The purpose of the Wotan Network is to invoke Wotan's wisdom and fury for the survival and advancement of our people, worldwide. For those familiar with the work of Dr. Carl Jung, think of it as "the expression of the Wotan archetype in the Germanic collective unconscious."

Here's how you can play a role in this historical, world-changing undertaking! -

1. Share the link to this blog to all your friends!

2. Share our memes! YOU can be an essential node in our network. Here's how it works: We generate memes which are posted from time to time on the Wotan Network Update group on Facebook. By sharing those memes, you become an active node in our Internet Networked Insurgency (I.N.I.). The people to whom you spread them also become nodes in the network when they share them with THEIR friends - and the network expands. We want to reach as many people as possible!

3. If you have the skills and credentials, you may qualify to help create memes for us. Creativity, marketing savvy, the ability to cooperate constructively with others, and a sense of humor are essential elements. Contact us for details.

4. Participate in the Odin World Prayer Day! Sign up on their Facebook page. Tell others. Follow through by honoring Odin (Wotan, or Woden) ritually on the first Wednesday of every month.

5. Climb mountains as part of the "Wotan on the Peaks" program! See write-ups on this blog to see how it's done.

6. Where appropriate, spread the #WOTANNETWORK hashtag.

7. Tell others about my videos on my You Tube channel relevant to Wotan Network.

8. Order a "Wotan Mit Uns!" tee shirt. You can find it on the Wotan Network blog store.


Wotan Mit Uns! Stephen McNallen

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  1. Odin lives.temple of wotan is still one of my favorites.14/words