Friday, September 22, 2017


Our "Wotan on the Peaks" project was inspired by the book Meditations on the Peaks, by Julius Evola. In this collection of essays, the Italian philosopher and mountaineer writes on the spiritual implications of mountain climbing. He describes the long tradition of deities living on the heights (the Greek gods on Olympus, for example, or Shiva atop Mouint Kailash), and considers the physical and moral traits required of those who scale the peaks.

Evola's thoughts on these subjects are entirely consistent with our climbing mountains - sometimes quite modest ones, at other times very challenging ones - where we give blot to Wotan. (A "blot" is any ritual exchange of gifts between the Germanic Gods and their followers; typically, the deity may be offered a drinking horn of mead or some other intoxicating liquid as an outer sign of more intangible gifts.)

In this rite we ask him to awaken the Germanic and European peoples from their slumber, and to fill them with the strength and wisdom they need to defend themselves from the threats they face.

Meditations on the Peaks can be ordered from Amazon.

Wotan Mit Uns!
Stephen McNallen