Wednesday, August 9, 2017


On the ninth day of every month, a lot of people across the globe give blot to Odin. They may be alone or with friends, and the blot can be formal or informal, long or short.

They are people who've signed up for Odin World Prayer Day, a project started by my friend Anders Nilsson, who lives in Sweden. The idea is to bring the might of Odin into your life, and into the life of our Folk for our awakening and empowerment. As Anders pointed out to me today, this meshes exactly with the Wotan Network's activity!

If you're reading this but are NOT a member of Wotan Network...I urge you to do BOTH!

I have accepted his invitation to add the might of the Wotan Network to his endeavor, making it a joint effort. I will certainly do my part, and I strongly urge you to do so, as well.

How? It's simple: Click here: Odin World Prayer Day. Send Anders a message so he can add you...and then honor Odin/Wotan/Woden on the ninth day of every month!
Wotan Mit Uns!
Stephen McNallen


  1. Regrettably (not really) I don't use FB.

  2. I refuse to use Facebook! I preform a ritual everyday to Wotan and his Children of Asgard!
    I have a beautiful 62 acre estate in New York State. I do Blot everyday!
    I am very strong with the All-Father, because I have had personal interaction with him! He saved my life, so every day I pay homage to ODIN and his Children!
    Praise be to Wotan!
    Long live Asgard, Long live Midgard!
    Let your prayers sound out loud, let your prayers sound out strong!
    We will get the All-Father to awake to our call, giving us the strength to spearhead the battle for the survival of our people.
    I always use my Rune Stones in my prayers. I just made 2 new sets. I hand crafted them while invoking the All-Father.
    Read your Havamal every day!
    Praise be to ODIN!
    Praise be to his followers, our people, that we may save our people and the right to exist!

    A message from Molo Tulo!

  3. Hail to you and to the work you do! When any one of us lifts him/her self up, it lifts us all up; we are connected.